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According to The Daily Mail.com
1. Buying or selling a property

And there it is at number one!

If there is one part of buying a home that shouldn’t be stressful, it’s the inspection. Envision Building Solutions will be thorough, competent and professional when helping the client through this sometimes difficult and stressful life event. WE GET IT!  EBS will go the extra distance to make sure the client has all the correct and pertinent information to make an educated decision on such a life event purchase.

Envision Building Solutions has been involved in the construction industry for over 33 years. This extensive knowledge of all phases of construction (to include commercial and residential) is invaluable to our clients as we understand the extensive mechanics of construction and this gives us a huge advantage.  WE KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR.  This experience can be paramount when a client is committing to such a major life endeavor. EBS is well versed in new construction as well as older construction methods. Again, WE KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR.
EBS has on staff a certified residential home inspector with INTERNACHI. (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors). EBS is accredited with the national organization Roof Consultants Institute. EBS has an RRO (registered roof observer) on staff as well.

For homeowners looking to purchase a home, EBS will provide the client with a thorough detailed inspection and report.

EBS inspects all facets of the client’s property to include structure, grounds and roof. The mechanical and electrical systems are also thoroughly inspected. If there are items that require a more in depth inspection such as structural or mechanical/electrical issues, EBS will clearly state this in the report and refer the client to a licensed professional for further advice. EBS works closely with these professionals and can help the client to choose the proper individual for the job.
EBS provides every homeowner with an infrared survey of the interior and exterior conditions of the home. Other inspection companies charge extra for this survey. EBS INCLUDES THIS SERVICE WITH A COMPREHENSIVE REPORT SPECIFIC TO THE IR SCAN.

INFRARED TECHNOLOGY:  EBS has a FLIR certified Technologist on staff.

• Detect water leaks (past and present)
• Detect air leaks from windows and doors
• Detect insufficient insulation materials
• Detect “Hot Spots” on all electrical equipment and motors

Another service that many inspectors do not include is identifying live gas leaks. EBS uses a gas “sniffer” device to detect any leaks that could be emitting from mechanical equipment inside or outside of the property.

EBS can also provide forensic investigation services in the event of a catastrophic incident. We can assist in the insurance investigation process to help you as the homeowner feel less stressed.

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